stuffinablank presents I Died Yesterday, an online project by Daniel J Wilson.
The project is a website that will operate for one year (from March 26, 2011 until March 25, 2012) in which each day a photo of a person who died one day previous will be shown, linked to an article about the person's death. At the end of the project a book will be created (as an exhibition catalogue) by re-accessing the original urls for each individual's photograph and article (those that are no longer online will be represented in the catalogue by the 404 page that appears). The collection of this kind of news and how it is presented (a photo that can be seen for only one day and the impossibility of having access to the past photos) serve as a question about how in our digital domain even death - the most permanent of human conditions - has the characteristic of impermanence.

stuffinablank held the project until its end.

I Died Yesterday.