Still moving brings together two words that in principle contradict each other, since the first one refers to a state of permanence and the other one to movement. Nevertheless, together they present this apparent contradiction as the approach of this exhibition, in which still moving refers to certain way of working with still or moving images in a way that the works are based on a certain notion of stillness: (poetic) tranquil silence, a state of no motion or movement, calmness. We are not necessarily talking about a completely static image, because it’s possible to feel a kind of latent movement, as in apparently static images in which one can feel the movement that is coming or already gone, replaced by calmness, by the trace of that was there. The still moving image also connotes a certain fragility due to its latent state of transformation, which is changing each moment, slowly without revealing its changes.

The selected works in this exhibition, submitted through an open call, can be grouped together according to the artists' way of conceiving their works. In the case of Gianfranco Foschino, Florent Petraud, Michael Day, Alex Zakkas, Aline Helmcke and Gaetan Massaut we can see how this certain notion of calmness is closely linked to landscape tradition, to the observation of nature through the passage of time. These works show us a part, a little part, of a big world that exists incessantly, which we can observe the way it moves in particular situations.

In the other hand artists like Bojana Petkovic, Tamara Kuselman, Serafin Alvarez, Tetsushi Higashino, Samuel Domingo, Victoria Lucas and Vera Mota decide to show this subtle movement of everyday things using a conceptual approach, even introducing the notion of physical presence (the artist's body itself) in the relationship with time and the way of embodying it in the work.

Altogether, through these artists' viewpoints, they are possible ways of understanding the approach of this exhibition and give us some insight into the theme. I would like to thank all the artists for being part of this exhibition and giving support to this project, which aims to be a platform for contemporary art exploring new types of art exhibition.

Enjoy the exhibition!
Pedro Torres.